Customise your plan to suit your protection needs

You have the flexibility to choose from a variety of plan types, Cost Saving Options and optional riders, allowing you to customize your medical plan according to your specific needs.

Lifelong medical protection with no lifetime limit

Enjoy medical protection until you are 100 years old with no limit on how much you can claim in a lifetime.

Health Rewards

Sign up for AIA Vitality to enjoy additional Health Rewards such as, Health Screening Benefit and Hospital Room and Board Benefit Upgrade.

All-In protection with A-Plus MediRecover rider

A-Plus MediRecover rider that pays out the coverage amount in the event of severe illnesses or accidents that result in prolonged hospitalisation.

Higher annual limit of up to RM1.5 million

A-Plus MediBoost rider that boosts your medical protection up to RM 1.5 million annually and offer Personal Medical Case Management service.