Early stage cancer protection

Receive 30% of the sum assured in an one-off payment. A further 20% of the sum assured will be paid in the first year of diagnosis to support your recovery.

Power Reset

Returns your coverage to the full amount for the remainder period of your plan, one year after your diagnosis with Early Stage Cancer.

Advanced stage cancer protection

Receive 100% lump sum payment of the sum covered and an additional 50% of the coverage amount for the next 5 years if you are diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer.

Maturity payment

When your plans matures at age 80, we will pay you the full amount you are convered for, even if you have claimed for early stage cancer.

No waiting period between claims

Enjoy continuous coverage with no waiting period between claims.

Cancer based underwriting

We will only consider your medical condition and family history related to cancer when assessing your application.

Yearly Cash Bonus

Enjoy a Yearly Cash Bonus when you purchase this plan and sign up as an AIA Vitality member.