Simple and affordable critical illness protection

Get protected at an affordable premium from RM 0.50 per day! Receive 100% of your coverage amount if you are diagnosed with any one of the covered critical illnesses.

Live well starts with knowing your health

The Health Screening Benefit encourages you to know your health better. Join AIA Vitality and stay healthy to unlock this benefit up to RM600 every 2 years.

Yearly Cash Bonus

Sign up as an AIA Vitality member and enjoy Yearly Cash Bonus. Bonus can be as high as 20% of the total annualised premiums you have paid for this plan, depending on the AIA Vitality status.

Personal Medical Case Management (PMCM)

Get continuous guidance and support with our Personal Medical Case Management (PMCM) Service to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment and make a successful recovery.

Enhancing your plan with an optional benefit
  • A-Plus Life Cover which provides 100% of the coverage amount for death or TPD.
  • A-Plus Recover pays up to 200% of the coverage amount in the event of prolonged hospitalisations.

Conversion Privilege

If you needs change along the way, you have the flexibility to convert this policy to a new plan covering only death and TPD without further medical underwriting.