Short premium payment term

With only 10 years premium payment, you can enjoy 20 years of coverage and benefits.

Death and TPD benefit

Receive up to 300% of your coverage amount plus any account value, if you pass away or suffer from total and permanent disability (TPD).

Investment Booster

Be rewarded every 2 years with additional account value, up to 30% of your Annual Premium amount.

Savings Booster

Eligible for an additional 40% of Annual Premium upon policy maturity.

Maturity benefit

Upon policy maturity, you will receive guaranteed 500% of Annual Premium plus any account value.

Vitality Booster

Receive additional account value when your policy matures or when your policy terminates due to deadth or TPD, based on your Vitality status. The higher your Vitality status, the higher the value.

Top-up option

Save more by performing ad hoc top-ups at any time or opt for a regular top-up.