No medical underwriting for early pregnancy

As an A-Life Lady customer, get coverage for your child if your pregnancy is less than 14 weeks with A-Life Joy Xtra.

Gift of Joy

Get an additional cash reward up to 4% of the coverage amount if you attach A-Life Joy Xtra and A-Plus BabyCare Xtra to your policy.

Comprehensive female cancer protection

Covers you against female cancers from the early stages onwards.

Female care benefit

One-off payment for medical complications from elective cosmetic surgery, hormone replacement therapy for menopause, psychotherapy treatment for anxiety disorder or depression disorder.

Female Pregnancy Benefit

Covers a wide range of pregnancy complications

Cash reward

Cash reward up to 12% of your coverage amount for auspicious events particularly marriage, childbirth and golden age.

Maturity benefit

150% refund of total premium paid upon maturity at age 80.