Protection Booster

Get up to 40% additional coverage for death or total and permanent disability (TPD) if you would like higher protection. Plus up to 6 times your basic coverage amount if you pass away due to covered accidental events.

AIA Elite Funds

A strategic mix of foreign equities and fixed incomes strategies sub-managed by world best-in-class asset managers, targeted at providing optimal returns and financial stability for the long term.

Wealth Rewards & Wealth Booster

Be rewarded with additional value credited into your savings account from age 65 and every 10 years subsequently until maturity, if no withdrawals are made and premiums paid are up to date.

No medical check-up required

Get covered for up to RM4 million without having to go for a medical checkup.
Note: Depending on your age and health condition.

Vitality Wealth Booster

As an AIA Vitality member, you can enjoy additional account value when your policy matures or terminates due to death, TPD or critical illnesses, without having to pay any additional premium.