High protection coverage

This plan provides you with a high death and TPD protection coverage of minimum RM 2 million to secure your legacy, so you can focus on continue growing your lifelong venture with a healthy workforce.

No medical check-up required

You can get up to RM8 million coverage without having to go for a medical check-up*
*Depending on your age and health condition

Simplified Financial Declaration (for next purchase)

You can enjoy up to RM8 mil Pre-Assessed Financial Quota* for your next purchase.
*Customers who are eligible for Pre-Assessed Financial Quota can refer to the Pre-Assessed Financial Quota Offer Letter for more details.

Vitality Yearly Cash Bonus

Sign up for AIA Vitality and you may enjoy an additional yearly pay-out of up to 0.05% of basic sum assured with the Vitality Yearly Cash Bonus,  depending on your AIA Vitality status.

Preferred discount for full premium term

Enjoy a preferred discount of up to 10% for the remaining premium term of the policy after the preferred discount is granted. Submit a blood test report and fulfil the terms and conditions to be eligible for the preferred discount.

Conversion Privilege

You have the flexibility to convert this policy to a new plan covering only death and TPD,  without further medical underwriting.